The World has changed.

I had a full year of felt workshops booked along with Summer Schools at three different venues. Then Covid -19 hit and that was the end of that!!

After an enforced rest due to cancelled courses I began to re-surface, Firstly it was Denman College. Having cancelled everything they had the brilliant idea to create on-line workshops and talks for the princely sum of £5 for two hours.

My first workshops brought in 160 people to join me through Zoom, my second collected 197 participants. It has been a steep learning curve but now I’m an old hand at this Zoom business and every week you can find me on a Denman at Home Zoom workshop from my little studio in my garden which is no more than my garden shed.

Then Ardington School of Crafts came in and they created Ardington Academy with their Liveplus on-line workshops which included a recorded demonstration and a Q&A two weeks after the demonstration. They also have a fabulous collection of Art Talks which are excellent.

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