about us

I have always loved textiles. Colour and texture have always fascinated me. Being a designer has always given me a real feel for structure and process and my first career as an Interior Designer gave me planning skills as well as the ability to combine colours and textures for pleasing effects.

Since 1998 I have been involved in feltmaking after a lifetime of other crafts such as knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving. My final piece for my MA at London Guildhall University was in felt and this went on to be part of a travelling exhibition sponsored by a Coffin making company. (continues…)

Through this I was asked to teach feltmaking and run workshops in schools. I have never looked back. Felt for me gives me everything I want in an art medium. I can blend colours, create original art and have texture all at the same time.

I run workshops in London and Oxfordshire and give talks and demonstrations to Guild groups across the country, as well as ‘one-to-ones’. I love finding different ways to teach my craft including ‘team bonding’ sessions in Management Training programmes and corporate ‘away days’.

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